Our response to COVID-19

***As an essential service, our veterinary practice will remain OPEN during the Shelter In Place ***

To minimize airborne disease transmission we request you not walk into our clinic. When you arrive call us at (408)224 5700. One of our staff will come out, take a history and bring your pet in for their exam. Following the exam your pet will be brought back to you. The doctor will call you to discuss the diagnosis and treatment plan. Payments will be processed via credit card over the phone.

The safety of our clients, patients, and staff is paramount. We have always had strict protocols in place to keep working surfaces clean. In response to the pandemic, we are restricting access to our clinic and sanitizing door handles and all touch surfaces regularly. Our paperless practice and checkout process requires no-sign credit card checkout. There is no current evidence that pets become ill from COVID-19 however they may act as a fomite to spread the disease. For this reason please disclose any household exposure to COVID-19 prior to your visit so we can do our part to help flatten-the-curve and prevent our healthcare system from becoming overwhelmed.